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VISUAL Therapeutic ARTS

With simple exploration of art materials our sense are stimulated and our soul resonates

With imaginative inquiry, we may come to terms with challenging life experiences, implementing change and growth. Artistic activity expands our consciousness, it helps us to explore and share feelings and thoughts, especially when we struggle to find words to express emotional or physical distress.

Different colours, shapes, lines, light and darkness, modelling with soft clay or sculpturing inspires our mind and soul. It helps to build bridges to our unconscious, to inner feelings, thoughts and needs and help us reconnect with ourselves. The non-verbal, creative exploration enables us to feel freer and more connected with our inner sources.

Creative forces are present in all life processes, which follow natural laws, rhythms, building up and regeneration processes. According to anthroposophic medicine they not only affect the physical body but also our soul and spirit. These creative forces are also inherent in artistic processes. Through artistic work we can connect to these forces and find ways to engage them, to actively support our health and intervene in disease processes.

Within the contained therapeutic space the artwork unfolds, themes might come up, ideas or hidden aspects surface and begin to take shape which speak to us and thus may reveal a deeper meaning. Enquiry into these gestures and actively engaging with them helps us to become more aware, we begin to understand ourselves better, our innate energies are kindled and we can feel more invigorated. Our connection to the world is strengthened and we may find a deeper meaning to life and to a spiritual source within and beyond us.

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