Art Therapy
Clinical literature
Source Material


Visual Art Therapy, Painting



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All books from Elisabeth de Bruyne available through: Elisabeth de Bruyne, Flokomintie 63, FI-07940 Loviissa, Finland, Tel + 31 6 483 596 63, To order:

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Colour is the soul of nature and the entire cosmos and we participate in this soul by experiencing what is coloured.
(Rudolf Steiner)

Visual Art Therapy, Drawing


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Clearing Forms: Volume One

Healing Forms: Volume Two

Strengthening Forms: Volume Three 

Protecting Forms: Volume Four 

Transmuting Forms: Volume Five

Awakening Forms: Volume Six 

Developing Forms: Volume Seven 

Restoring Forms: Volume Eight


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The basic of artistic creation is not what is, but what might be – not the real, but the possible. (Rudolf Steiner)


Visual Art Therapy, Sculpture



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The therapeutic process of sculpting connects us with the creative forces of nature. This can be a self-expanding experience. Sculpture is the result of a dynamic process: we open ourselves to the world and at the same time it transforms our consciousness. This sense of belonging to the world, with its life-building forces in nature is reflected in the qualities of the sculptural form. 

(Dag Ståhlhammar)


Visual Art Therapy, clinical practice



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Music Therapy



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Music Therapy, Clinical practice



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Music is the expression of the will of nature – while the other arts are expressions of the idea of nature.

(Rudolf Steiner)


Singing Therapy



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Therapeutic Speech



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Art can no longer be art today if it does not reach into the heart of our present culture and work transformatively within it. (Joseph Beuys)


Photography, Use of Technology and Art Therapy



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Healing Stories




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Journaling / Writing 



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We can find nature outside us only if we have first learned to know her within us. What is akin to her within us must be our guide. This marks our path of enquiry.

(Rudolf Steiner, image Valerie Yule, Landscape)